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Motorsatria Kawasaki ninja RR Mono is one type of motor that is very cool and liked by many people. The design is stylish and sophisticated engine makes a lot of people willing to buy this iron horse. Many people who are not concerned about the exorbitant price of this bike compared to other motors. This is because it has been deemed comparable price with a captivating design and trendy. Well, for your Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle fan, this article will explain about the specifications and price of Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono for all of you. It's ready to obtain information from the motor is super cool? Here's his review for you.

Let's start with the design of Kawasaki ninja RR Mono. Kawasaki motor output is the output of motor sport most of the Ninja family. As you know that the ninja family has had several members who are cool with a variety of designs from time to time. For this latest ninja family members, the design is certainly more cool and sporty though all family members to coolannya famous ninja. Ninja's latest motor design is equipped with an aggressive full fairing which has been combined with a 250 cc single cylinder know. This design is done by Kawasaki in order trelling original test. Ninja motor design is more dynamic, streamlined, and also has a cool color choices and lightweight for use. For more details you can refer to review the specifications and price of Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono below:

Next, let's see about the machines used by the engine cool. Kawasaki ninja RR Mono using the engine capacity of 249 cc, DOHC, using a 4-stroke engine capacity, using a single cylinder, equipped with a liquid-cooled, and more cool fitted with fuel injection. Amazing is not it? With such modern machines, ninja RR mono afford to spur up to 28 PS power at 9,700 rpm.

Then, you can see the full specifications of the next. Motor Kawasaki Ninja RR Mono is a modern spec motor is equipped with a maximum torque of 22.6 NM / 8,200 rpm. Well, not comparable with the price of Kawasaki ninja RR Mono reached fifty million? Not only that, domestic production of motor Sakura is also equipped with a fuel injection system and digital ignition systems and liquid cooling systems. The front brakes on this bike is 290 mm discs and 220 mm rear brake disc.

Before entering into the explanation of the price of Kawasaki ninja rr mono, let's look more complete on the specification of this motor design. Front tire size of Ninja RR mono is 100 / 80-17M / C 52s with the rear tire size of 100 / 80-17M / C 52s. Axle distance of 1,330 mm with a weight of 152 kg. With a weight of 152 kg, this ninja bike looks okay and slimmer than members of other ninja motorcycle previous output.

Up here if you are quite happy to read about his explanation? Are you able to conclude on this iron horse? Not yet, so it's good for you to read further explanation which would peel out the ins and outs, designs, prices, filtur, specifications, up to the advantages and disadvantages of the motor rr mono. By doing so, you can decide to buy or not to buy this type of motor. harga motor satria fu

For you to know that the ninja motorcycle is equipped with a fuel capacity of 11 liters and the amount of 6-speed transmission. A very large capacity to accommodate the fuel is not it? Before deciding, it's good for you to know about the strengths and weaknesses of Kawasaki ninja rr mono. Let's start with the advantages possessed by the motor cool.

The advantages of the motor ninja rr mono The first is because the motor is designed with a more slender body is equipped with smaller dimensions. With a model like that of course a lot of people will like it. Many people prefer to use a motor with a sleeker design than the motor with a large size. Why is that? It will be easier to use and more comfortable.

Other advantages possessed by Kawasaki ninja rr mono is because it was designed with acceleration and very agile chassis, which certainly lighter with a spec racing has. In addition, the engine rotation more responsive. With complete specification and some of the benefits mentioned above, there are other advantages again are the exorbitant prices it was still relatively cheap compared to the price of motor output of other products with similar specifications. Well, with the amount of the excess is how do you feel now? Is there already a shadow to buy?

Before that, let's see about the weakness of which is owned by Kawasaki ninja rr mono. There are advantages of course there will be a shortage owned. Disadvantages of the motor ninja rr is the first mono is the engine vibration in the handlebars quite noticeably. This will probably bother you but if you've used will feel lost weaknesses. Then, the driving position to be somewhat sore for your body. If this is a risk with a modern design and cool the motor. Moreover, RR Ninja does have an engine capacity is large enough. Lastly is the clutch hard and suspense are also pretty hard is the last weakness which is owned by the motor rr mono. motor satria f150

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As information, integrated residential Summarecon was developed by PTSummarecon Agung Tbk started in 1975 by Mr. Soetjipto Nagaria and his colleaguesto build and develop real estate. Starting with build 10 hectares of land in the area ofthe marshes in the area of Kelapa Gading, the founder of the company managed to turn the area into one of the areas most prestigious residential and business in Jakarta.

And as time goes by, Summarecon managed to build a reputation as one of the leading property developers in Indonesia, particularly in the development of an integrated city popularly known as ' township '. Summarecon build integrated citydevelopment that integrates housing with commercial, supported by a diverse and complete facilities for the inhabitants. In the last three decades, Summarecon has developed the capabilities of real real estate: includes development, architects, engineering, project management and construction, city planning, infrastructureplanning, engineering design sustainable, integrated management, and property management into integrated city development.

Summarecon Bekasi City project is the latest integrated Summarecon starting in March 2010. It is located 21 km to the East of Jakarta, Bekasi Summarecon utilizing the development district and the municipality of Tehran as a satellite town to trade and industry. With the beginning of an area of 240 hectares, was designed as a compactcity as an icon of modern dwelling with a beautiful environment, the leadingcommercial center, and features a variety of facilities the city scale. BekasiSummarecon city Masterplan consists of a Commercial zone that is CenterSummarecon Bekasi (Mall, Shop Houses, Office Park, Hotel), Trade Center, ModernFresh Market, Automotive Center, Financial Center, and Building Materials Center. ForResidential zone consists of a cluster of modern residences and the thematic facilitiesequipped club house with swimming pool and means converged. Ranging fromhousing, apartments, townhouses, and condominiums. With the quality of residenceand means a more lux ensured city of Bekasi became the latest destinationsSummarecon for tourism, recreation, sports, hobbies, food, education, and musicculture of the city gate & Jakarta.

In addition to comfortable residences with amenities. To support RegionalSummarecon Bekasi and as a form of awareness education in Indonesia and in particular the community of Bekasi, Bekasi Summarecon cooperates with the leadingeducational foundations presents school in Bekasi started from the OLD level,elementary, junior high, HIGH SCHOOL SENIORS to the University that the quality is of course no doubt that is the Al Azhar Islamic school, school CPC sower and BinusUniversity in Jakarta.

This responsibility forms presented Adrianto p. Adhi, Director of PT SummareconAgung Tbk.,
"Summarecon always consistent complement to the towns that developed with a diverse range of top-quality facilities, one facility that is also our concern is education.Bekasi is very rich in human resources and potential to grow and develop as a new metropolitan city. In order to support the development of the city of bekasisustainable, required a variety of facilities and infrastructure supporting good qualityyg, among others in the field of education and the modern, the city of Bekasi and this nation will be more advanced and developed. "
Here are some of the leading schools in Bekasi Summarecon which could be areference to readers

Al-Azhar Islamic SENIOR HIGH 8 Summarecon Bekasi
Starting from the establishment of the Foundation and rituals of the nation formed byPT Summarecon Agung with Yayasan Pendidikan Islam (YPI) Al-Azhar University based in Sisimangaraja Kebayoran Baru South Jakarta to set up and manage the Al-AzharIslamic school Summarecon Bekasi. The election of YPI Al Azhar as education providers because of his credibility and reputation as a proven educational institutionsmanaged to spawn a qualified graduates. The first school in the area of BekasiSummarecon began being built on August 1, 2012 above land 1 Ha and was established on November 26, 2013 coincided with the inauguration of the Mosque of Al-Azhar Summarecon Bekasi.